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Co-Invest Bonds

5% Co-Invest Bonds

  • Issuer: AgriBank PLC
  • Interest rate: 5% AER, payable quarterly
  • Maturity: 5 years
  • Currency: Pounds Sterling
  • Amounts: £50,000 minimum and multiples of £10,000 thereof
  • Transferability: Full
  • Use of proceeds: Invested in UK farming

See Terms of issue for additional information

Co-Invest Bonds are transferable senior debt security of AgriBank PLC and are not protected by the Malta Depositor Compensation Scheme, the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme or any other deposit compensation scheme. Co-Invest Bonds is not protected by an investor compensation scheme.

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AgriBank, the bank dedicated to providing asset finance and co-investment products for UK farmers, announces the launch of its Co-Invest Bonds. Co-Invest Bonds pay a 5% fixed return for 5 years. The proceeds will be invested exclusively into UK farming.

The owner of AgriBank, Frank Sekula, together with the team have successfully helped UK farmers to start operations by providing finance. These financial arrangements are backed by hard assets which makes them secure and attractive investment propositions.

The Co-Invest Bonds will fund investments by UK farmers in a wide variety of projects and are available to farmers and private investors alike. Terms of issue and how to subscribe can be found here.