Open Banking

In this article Open Banking TPPs will find information about AgriBank’s Modified Customer Interface and the related summary documentation.

A quick overview

As per the Payment Services Directive 2 Regulatory Technical Standards for strong customer authentication and common and secure open standards of communication, we offer a Modified Customer Interface that enables authorised TPPs to access AgriBank accounts for the provision of:

  • Account Information Services (AIS)
  • Payment Initiation Services (PIS)
  • Card-Based Payment Instrument Issuing Services (CBPIIS)



Our sandbox allows authorised and prospective TPPs to perform integration, connectivity, and functionality testing in a safe environment for various scenarios.

Account Information Services

Our AIS APIs provide you with the details of an individual’s accounts, balances, and transactions.

Payment Initiation Services

Our PIS APIs allow for the creation of a request for single immediate payments, and future-dated payments.

Confirmation of Funds

This API allows you to perform fund confirmation checks for a customer’s account.

Authorised and registered TPPs

Our Modified Customer Interface is available to authorised or registered EEA-based TPPs.

For identification purposes, you’ll need to provide us with a valid eIDAS QWAC certificate.

Summary documentation

Want to know more about our Modified Customer Interface? You can visit our dedicated website here: https://openbanking.agribankplc.com/