{"person_name":"Patrick Heininger","ID":965,"position":"Non-Executive Director","description":"

Patrick Heininger has 50 years\u2019 experience in law, investment banking and business and has lived and worked in seven countries.\u00a0 He started his career as a corporate and financial lawyer with the New York law firm, Debevoise & Plimpton. \u00a0To expand his experience with developing countries, he spent two years in Kenya teaching law and advising the government on taxation and foreign investment, with the support of the Ford Foundation.\u00a0 He then spent nine years with the World Bank where, after a few years, he was put in charge of all the legal work on the Bank\u2019s worldwide borrowing programme and short-term investments.<\/p>\n

His involvement with the World Bank-IBM swap transaction, that was credited with starting the swap market, led him to take an interest in structuring new forms of financing as a banker rather than a lawyer.\u00a0 This led him to London, where he joined Baring Brothers in 1982, and two years later was appointed to the bank\u2019s Board of Directors.<\/p>\n

In 1990, he joined a client in the environmental sector, initially in a corporate finance role where and steered the large and successful IPO of Waste Management International (WMI) and assisted the company\u2019s entry into the UK market.<\/p>\n

Returning to the developing world in 1992, he was sent to Indonesia by WMI to start a company that built South East Asia\u2019s first comprehensive industrial waste treatment and disposal plant.\u00a0 The success of this project launched the third stage of his career\u2014starting up companies.\u00a0 He returned to the UK in 1998 and since then has specialised in starting up and expanding businesses. He has had management roles in companies in a number of sectors and is currently a director of a company seeking to develop a new cancer drug.<\/p>\n","img":"https:\/\/agribankplc.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/10\/PH-2020-AgriBank-CopyBW-200x300.jpg"}