Renewable Energy

I am a poultry farmer based in Essex. AgriBank are financing two renewable biomass boiler schemes here at the Farm. These supply heat to a 100,000 bird broiler rearing site, two domestic/office district heating circuits, and a grain/chip drying facility. The first funding facility that I had with them was taken out in the autumn of 2014, and the second started this spring 2016. When the second facility was taken out, AgriBank were able to listen to my concerns and restructure the two loans so that my monthly payments remained within budget. We have also been against tight schedules and AgriBank were able to expedite the paperwork and payments.

Patrick D. based near Chelmsford, Essex

Our business is to supply over 100,000 tonnes of crops and field related information to the UKs largest crop fed Aerobic Digester. This project has meant that our services of harvest, haulage and technical field and sustainability certainly has made our business learn a huge amount.

Without AgriBank we would have struggled with our cash flow and also the purchase of capital equipment vitally needed for our business. Many thanks to Frank and all his team.

Daniel C. based near Salisbury, Wiltshire